ROFI Multiverse


For Blockchain Users

The rewards for each game are token and NFT Items.
Each game has its separated token:
  • HeroFi: $HFI
  • Legend Guardians: $LGFI
  • Plant Empires: $PEFI
  • Darkverse: $DVFI
With reward tokens, users can:
  • Buy Gold to upgrade the level of their Heroes
  • Buy Arena tickets to join Arena
  • Stake to earn NFT Items
With NFT Items, users can:
  • Use them to boost the power of their heroes
  • Sell in the Marketplace to earn more incomes
  • Sell to ROFI Multiverse team with the fixed prices and then, our team will sell these items to non-blockchain users

For Non-Blockchain Users

Non-blockchain can get in-game rewards including Tokens and NFT Items but with different amounts and percentages in the rewards pool.
If they want to convert those to Blockchain to increase their income, they just need to connect their wallet to earn.
This can help to convert users from Non-blockchain users to Cryptocurrency users and combine our 2 main types of users together to create a great Multiverse ever.