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Legend Guardians' Space Travel Essence
Private sale: $800,000 ~ 80,000 Essence Points Price: $10/Essence Point
Public sale: $200,000 ~ 10,000 Essence Points Price: $20/Essence Point
IDO Time: November 11th, 2021
  • Sold out 96.05% of the total slots in the last round in IDO
  • Sold out 98.1% of the total slots in 4 rounds
  • Sold out 9,089/10,000 Essence Points
  • Each time traveling through Legend Guardians Portal required 1 Essence.
  • Essence is assembled with separate pieces (called Essence Point), and depending on the number of stars of the Hero, the number of pieces to create a complete Essence is different. For example: A 2-star hero requires 1 Essence Point to reassemble into a complete Essence A 3-star hero requires 2 Essence Points
  • Similarly, the number of Essence Points needed to reassemble into a complete Essence increases based on the Hero's star level. A 6-star Hero requires 5 Essence Point.
Note: 1-star hero doesn't need Essence to travel
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