ROFI Multiverse

Unique Selling Points

1. Free to play
When joining the games, users just need to connect their wallets to get a Hero free and earn NFT Items.
2. Unique Space Portal
When it comes to ROFI Multiverse, players only need one Hero to be able to play all of the games in the ecosystem. Users can play 4 games at the same time to increase their income with attractive ROI
A space travel ticket allows the player to open a space portal, which transports your Hero to another universe, another world, allowing you to EARN players with only one hero.
3. Lower cost compared to other NFT games
Users in GameFi tend to play many NFT games. However, this means that they have to pay many different costs for each game, and the total profit is not high anymore. Joining ROFI Multiverse, they just need to buy a Hero if they only play HeroFi and buy essences with a lower price to join other games. Moreover, after using essence for each Hero, users will have different Heroes in 2 different games and they are completely separated NFTs.
4. Consignment system:
Between the ROFI Multiverse team and Users allow our users to sell NFTs to our team with reasonable prices. Then, we will convert those NFTs to Non-blockchain assets and sell them to Non-Blockchain users.
5. For Non-Blockchain users:
Experience many games at the same time in the first Multiverse for traditional games in the world Have a chance to earn real money when converting to Cryptocurrency users