ROFI Multiverse

Vision & Mission

1. Vision
This is the time for many NFT games in GameFi to develop following the Metaverse trend. However, we believe that we can create more values than that. Choosing many different games, developing them in Blockchain, and connecting them together to create a ROFI Multiverse so that we can help gamers and investors in GameFi can:
  • Joining and earning in many other NFT games with a very cheap price:
For example, if you want to join 4 different NFT games, you need to buy one hero in each game. But when joining ROFI Multiverse, instead of buying 4 different Heroes with a total price which is very high, you just need to buy a hero and 4 essences with a lower price. Moreover, you can get 4 different heroes in ROFI Multiverse after using essence on them.
  • Having more amazing experience when playing to earn:
There are so many NFT games only focusing on how to earn. This makes users forget that they are “playing games' 'game".
With 4 games in ROFI Multiverse, you not only have more different and amazing experiences when joining 4 games at the same time but also feel the balance between gameplay and finance in eachin our each game.
  • Converting users from non-blockchain to Cryptocurrency users:
In addition to introducing ROFI Multiverse to NFT gamers, we also want to bring these values to other traditional gamers and help them to approach Blockchain and increase their incomes.
  • Ownership of in-game assets:
Unlike in regular games where the items and currencies are just mere collectibles, players can actually own the assets they get. The game offers features that allow players to craft new items and exchange them for real money. By trading, players can increase the value of their in-game assets.
  • Value of the item collection:
ROFI Multiverse encourages the players to explore more content of the game, while giving them the motivation to complete their collection of different items and equipment. Players then can build a stronger army to process further in the story and increase their in-game assets.
  • Social interaction:
The PvP mode in each game allows players to compete with each other in fun yet challenging games. This mode motivates players to collect and upgrade their items to build a stronger Hero squad, leading to more victories. Besides, the exchange of in-game assets also creates interactions, just like in a real-life economy.
On the other hand, we also hope to help other startups which have good products and want to convert their games to NFT games by letting them joinjoining our ROFI Multiverse and do our best in both completing the products and doing thedo the marketing for them.
2. Mission
To attract both users in Cryptocurrency users and non-blockchain users, we need to do these things:
  • Create an attractive gameplay for each game in our Multiverse.
In different games we have different game modes, such as: PvE, PvP, Tower mode,... Besides, we also develop the game plot so that users can feel like they are living in a new world where they can play games in the view of the characters in that game.
  • Develop and sustain the economy in each game and ROFI Multiverse.
We hope to create a great and fair mechanism to help our users joining ROFI Multiverse can earn well and increase their income. Each feedback from our users will be collected and used to develop and improve the economy in our Multiverse.
  • Balance between Non-blockchain users and Users in Blockchain
The Marketing team needs to attract not only users in Blockchain who are familiar with NFT games but also traditional gamers who play games for fun. Besides, the Dev team needs to balance the game flow and economy between these two types of users so that we can have a perfect overview of ROFI Multiverse.