ROFI Multiverse


The Tokenomic Model of the ROFI Multiverse is one of the most advanced in the current GameFi market and is promising to bring users a sustainable income while still enjoying the best gaming experience.
In ROFI Multiverse, there are both blockchain users and non-blockchain users, that is why there will be 2 main types of tokens: the Game tokens ($HFI, $LGFI, $PEFI, $DVFI) for on-chain users and the In-game tokens (gHFI, gLGFI, gPEFI, gDVFI) for off-chain users.
Here are some noticeable things that you should know about the economic system of ROFI:
  • There will be a gas fee of 4% using $ROFI for every transaction on the Marketplace.
  • 20% of the profit will be used to buy back the game tokens in the ROFI Multiverse.
In-game token revenue distribution:
  • 60% burnt
  • 18% sent to the development team
  • 2% sent to advisors
  • 10% used for development and marketing
  • 10% used for adding liquidity